Australian Cattle Dog Clubs Around the World

Dog clubs are a wonderful way for people to network and socialize with people who are as crazy as you are about Australian Cattle Dogs.

National Breed clubs look out for the interest of the breed in their particular country, making sure that they adhere to the policies and procedures of the governing Kennel Club.

In the United States the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America puts on an annual show called the National Specialty. This is a week-long event that includes agility, conformation, sweepstakes, obedience and herding events. Tossed into the fray each year are health testing opportunities, seminars, and of course, multiple social functions. The ACDCA National draws dogs from all over the U.S. and often attracts visitors and/or judges from other countries. It is truly a spectacular event for any ACD aficianado!

Regional Clubs are clusters of Australian Cattle Dog folks that live closer to each other and can meet more often to put on events (clinics, shows) or just socialize.

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