Exercising Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle Dog is an exceptionally active breed. This breed needs a LOT of exercise to remain a happy individual....and that exercise must be both physically and mentally stimulating.

An Australian Cattle Dog left outside in the best back yard in the world will NOT exercise himself. As an ACD owner, you need to take the initiative to find out what kind of exercise your dog LOVES. Many are happy jogging or biking with their owners, some will chase a frisbee or a tennis ball for hours on end and others love to swim.

Keep in mind that "exercise" that is mentally stimulating is much more physically draining than you might think. Australian Cattle Dogs LOVE to think about things and please their owner. A one hour obedience or agility class can be just as "draining" as a four hour hike!

ACDs thrive on activities that make them use their noggins. Needles to say, Herding is one activity that keeps them quite content both physically and mentally but (sadly) not all owners have consistent access to livestock (and a proper trainer). Urban cowdogs can be mentally stimulated though other activities like Agility, Tracking and Obedience.

Please be careful NOT put too much strain on the bones and joints of a growing pup. Up to the age of two, dogs should not be allowed to go on long runs. You also need to take caution during their formative years not to allow them to jump and twist too high when leaping for tossed objects (ex. balls and frisbees).