Life with Australian Cattle Dogs

So what is life like with an Australian Cattle Dog?

Hopefully we can give you a LITLE insight into what living with this breed is really like. I have found that with ACDs there is VERY little "grey area", people either love their energy level and chaotic nature or they litterally can't stand to be around the breed.

There are many, many pages here at that say this, but it bears repeating, the Australian Cattle Dog is an extremely active breed. They need plenty of exercise (both physical and mental exercise). This is a breed that was developed to herd cattle all day long in the outback. ACDs are hardwired to NIP to get things to move in the direction they want. The Australian Cattle Dog is protective of its property...this includes "their" yard, "their" vehicle and "their" people. They are freethinking dogs that are resourceful when left to their own devices.

These same traits that make the Australian Cattle Dog an AWESOME herding dog are those that can get them into trouble with an inexperienced or unenlightened owner.

I have a dear friend with Labrador Retrievers...when I go to her house to visit and get up to get a glass of water I trip over multiple lumps on the floor that wouldn't move to save their life (unless perhaps they heard ducks). I look at her, shake my head and say "How the heck can you live with this breed?*" When this same friend visits my house and she gets up to get a glass of water, she is followed by 7 eager blue and red busybody ACDs that must be included in the adventure, even if it is only a trip to the kitchen. She look at me, shakes her head and says "How the heck can you live with this breed?"

Vive La Difference!

Please try to use the web pages at this site to learn a wee bit more about the breed and their tendencies.

* Disclaimer: I do adore Labs :)