ACDs in Need of New Homes!

There are times that certain Australian Cattle Dogs are in need of a new home. These dogs rarely fall under the heading of "Need Emergency Rescue". These are dogs that are still *WITH* their current owners who are, for one reason or another, looking for a different situation for their companion.

Occasionally a dog kept by a breeder as a show prospect will develop a disqualifying fault (ex. overbite, underbite, monorchism, incorrect coat color) and that breeder will decide to place the dog. None of these faults would keep any dog or bitch from being a perfectly lovely obedience prospect, working dog or family pet but a reputable breeder will not want these faults in their breeding program.

Some times a dog just doesn't fit into a certain household for one reason or another. A personality conflict with either another dog in the home or even with one of the human members of the household can often lead to the decision that said dog would be better off in another place. Some other reasons that a person might choose to place their ACD are: allergies, divorce, new baby, moving, new job, etc.

Often these dogs are simply placed into loving homes. Most times there will be a small fee involved for acquiring these dogs, as many people feel strongly "that there is no such thing as a free dog."