What is Breed Rescue?

For every dog that has been rescued or is waiting to be rescued, there is a different story. Most come into rescue programs through shelters or humane societys, some are turned over by their original owners, some are found as strays...the list goes on and on.

Rescue dogs come in every size, age and color imaginable. Sometimes they are wonderful looking examples of the breed and other times our rescue dogs have a face only a TRUE Cattle Dog lover could appreciate. Most rescue dogs are "teenagers" but we do occasionally get older dogs and sometimes we have young puppies to place.

Each independent rescuer or recue group has their own procedures and policies but the main FUNCTION of rescue is to rehome Australian Cattle Dogs that are in need of a family to call their own. Rescuers take these dogs into their homes (or into qualified foster homes) and make sure they are healthy and that they have good temperaments. Once evaluation has occurred, the rescuer starts trying to match each particular dog with a suitable family.

Most rescue organizations rely on questionnaires as an initial screeening tool for evaluating potential adoptive families. These simple question and answer forms also help the adoptive family think about what they are looking for in a rescue dog.

Rescue Groups are made up of all voluteers who spend countless hours driving to and from shelters, working to rehabilitate rescue dogs, talking on the phone with potential adopters, etc. As with any volunteer work, breed rescue costs quite a bit to keep running. With most adoptions there is a fee involved. This adoption fee usually only covers a SMALL fraction of what has been "put into" a dog. Keep in mind that all rescues are fully vetted, often microchipped or tattooed and often spayed or neutered before they are placed in their new homes.

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