The Australian Cattle Dog Bookshelf

Books About the Breed:

Australian Barkers and Biters
Robert Kaleski
Revised Edition Reprint - 1987, Adelaide: Lutheran Publishing House, 1987
(Initial release - NSW Bookstall Co., 1914)

NOTE: See below for reprint of this book published in 2005!

Notes From Breed Seminar
Australian Cattle Dog Society of New South Wales. 1978, Standard Publishing House.
The Good Looking Australian
Redhead, Connie. 1979, Griffin Press, Ltd.
The Complete Book of Australian Dogs
Sanderson, Angela. 1981, The Currawong Press.
ISBN: 0-7301-0227-0
Heeler Power; A guide to training the working Australian Cattle Dog
Shaffer, Mari. 1984, Countryside Publications, Ltd.
Australian Cattle Dogs: The First Five Years, 1980-1985
Harling, Donn & Deborah. 1986, Sun Graphics, Inc.
Australian Cattle Dog Champions 1980-86
Jan L. Freud, Dorothy L. Johnson. 1987.
The Australian Cattle Dog Sourcebook: 1980-1991
Toft, Kristine Kay. 1992.
The Complete Australian Cattle Dog
John & Mary Holmes
Australian Cattle Dogs
Robertson, Narelle
Australian Cattle Dogs Old Timers
Edwards, Cheryl Ann
ISBN: 0-646-20813-6
The Australian Cattle Dog Sourcebook: 1992-1994
Toft, Kristine Kay.
Australian Cattle Dogs : Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training
Richard G. Beauchamp
The Australian Cattle Dog, An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
Katherine Buetow
The Essential Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Cattle Dog Sourcebook: 1995-1997
Toft, Kristine Kay.
A New Owner's Guide to Australian Cattle Dogs
Narelle Robertson
Skidboot, The Amazing Dog
Ronald Westmoreland with David Hartwig
A Dog Called Blue
Noreen Clark
Australian Cattle Dog
(Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
Charlotte Schwartz
Kennel Club Books (March, 2004)
Australian Barkers and Biters
Robert Kaleski
Vintage Dog Books (July 31, 2005)